About Me

I’ve written for MetroSource, landed my first REAL job after college in NYC at a technology company, and delivered on integrated branding campaigns for Visit Currituck and Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. I’ve worked for MessageLabs, NY, NY, Meridian Group, CreativeLive, and now HighRoad Solutions — a digital agency for associations.

I am Emily Wilson Nash, a Marketing Strategist with 10 years experience across inbound marketing strategy, email marketing & marketing automation, marketing technology, content production, social media, advertising, and full funnel reporting.

With a versatile background in freelance, consulting, and corporate settings, I specialize in identifying and implementing effective digital strategies for member-based organizations, businesses, and tourism bureaus.

In my community, I’ve served on the board of American Institute for Graphic Arts as their Communications Director to help promote networking and mentorship opportunities for area designers and students.

I’m a host on the Rethink Association podcast, where I praise the wins of associations growing and evolving to meet their ever changing technological demands in order to meet growth and recruitment goals.

I’m currently working on improving lead generation metrics to result in new logos in the door, while onboarding associations into the future of marketing.

Emily has that most desired intersection of skills, understaning, insightfulness and iniatiative.

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