Saving the Pandas One Association at a Time

The point of our HighRoad U library of webinars, blogs, presentations and industry knowledge sharing is to enable the user to understand how to do better marketing, membership growth, and lead generation through email marketing, marketing automation, and technology. And since we’re the HighRoad, we help associations and non profits transform into digitally mature entities. Many associations struggle with fast changing technologies and need to adapt in order to compete and stay relevant; but they aren’t sure where to begin. We work diligently to ensure associations have the right tools, in the right hands, with the right know-how to use marketing technology.

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The Anatomy of a Winning Social Media Content Marketing Plan

At the end of this blog you’ll walk away with the complete anatomy of what it takes to engage, share, and convert with a social media marketing plan. With any good social media strategy, there is a great content strategy behind it. So first, let’s consider what kind of new and fresh content you are creating on a regular basis. Usually the content is a blog – like this one! Another great initiative would be to create video on member testimonials for example. Then, create a blog based off that video, consider cutting the video into bite-size consumable pieces for social media sharing, and include the video on your YouTube channel and website homepage.

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Using Digital Advertising To Grow Membership

I might receive some push back from this, but there is another way to reach your audience and it doesn’t involve email. But get this, you don’t have to give up your hard-earned email list just yet. Sound contradictory? Let me explain. I recently conducted a webinar on digital advertising and discussed digital advertising and new ways of reaching your members and potential members. Here is a follow up article to that webinar.

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SEO Content: The Perfect Match to Generate Revenue

I recently conducted a webinar on everything SEO – Basically the 101 level of SEO for the beginner. In that presentation, I defined what SEO is and why you need it in your marketing strategy. I unveiled certain tips and tools that are helpful in conducting research and planning for an SEO strategy. Finally, I tied it all together into how it plays into a marketing platform such as marketing automation. So, if you are the type that prefers a webinar to a wordy article, then scroll down to a video of the presentation. If you are the overachiever that prefers both the prose and the presentation, here is everything you need to know about what SEO is and why you need it for your bottom line.

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The Five Elevator Pitches to Win Your Boss Over With Marketing Automation

Associations have marketing goals just like any organization to achieve bottom line results. These may revolve around goals to attract new members and retain existing members, raise funds around conferences and events, and sell comprehensive industry research. Regardless of the task at hand, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach audiences when they need a message, with the content they want, on the platform from which they consume the content.

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