Client: WIA Wallcovering Installers Association where I uncovered a fundamental blocking point in this professional society which resulted in new technology investments and generations receiving education in a dying trade.

“I hope you are comfortable, because this is the part where I gush about how — after decades around this group — I get to say these assets are the most remarkable documents/sales pieces/education assets that we, as a group, have ever had. And “remarkable” does not do proper justice to your effort. 

I had to wistfully pause after reading the initial Max assets…to realize that for new prospects, this image will  be their impression of this organization–is beyond what we ever imagined.

It is as if you took an aging stage actress, drifting in her career, and with a little charm school polish, a few new head shots…you have revitalized everything to allow her to find that long misplaced true potential.”

Greg Laux, Resolver at MDC Wallcoverings, Full-service client

Company: HighRoad Solutions where I’ve worn many hats in many roles including my current one as their Sr. Digital Advisor.

“…taking the initiative to coordinate conference presentation submissions for HubSpot’s Inbound conference. Pulling ideas together, coordinating inputs and writing the sessions is not easy, especially within a tight deadline.”

Maneesha Manges, CXO, HighRoad Solutions

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